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Ticino: The Perfect Holiday Destination

Located in Switzerland on the southern side of the Alps and boasting a Mediterranean climate, the Ticino is a fantastic year-round destination for memorable holidays.


Natural Paradise

Lakes, rivers and mountains offer countless outdoor activities in stunning scenery.


Cultural Attractions

The Ticino has numerous cultural attractions, including classical and contemporary art, dance and theatre, various music events and a world-famous film festival.


Efficient Public Transport Network

The Ticino boasts a vast public transport network connecting its towns and surrounding areas, serving the region's valleys and reaching even the remotest villages. The region is served by trains, buses and boats depending on the terrain.


AlpTransit – History in the Making

In 2016, the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel revolutionised mobility between the north and south: travel time between Zurich and Lugano has been slashed and is due to decrease further to under two hours in 2020.

AlpTransit has had a major impact on tourism in our area: This is without a doubt the perfect time to develop new ways to innovate the tourism industry.


Promoting the Region

Ticino Turismo, in collaboration with the regional tourism organisations (OTR) and its partners, has developed an innovative project with the following objectives:

  • To facilitate tourists' use of the public transportation system throughout the region
  • To promote peripheral regions
  • To boost the tourism economy

The innovative marketing product developed is called "Ticino Ticket".

Ticino Ticket

What is the Ticino Ticket?

The Ticino Ticket offers visitors staying at a hotel, youth hostel or camping site free travel on public transport for the length of their stay plus special offers on boats, cableways and entry to key tourist attractions throughout the Canton.

Ticino Ticket

How it Works

Visitors receive the Ticino Ticket upon check-in at their accommodation. The ticket is essentially a travel card granting the holder discounted entry to numerous tourist attractions. Ticket holders are also entitled to a CHF 10.00 discount at the Migros Ticino cooperative on purchases of CHF 70.00 or more.

Ticino Ticket

Benefits for Tourists

The Ticino Ticket is a money-saving way for tourists to explore all corners of the Canton. A visitor survey analysed by the IRE research institute reveals the following:

  • More than 60% used public transport more often (incl. tourists who reached the Ticino by car)
  • More than 50% visited more places than they would have without the Ticino Ticket
  • More than 40% visited remote areas that they would otherwise not have considered visiting
Ticino Ticket

Benefits for Hoteliers and Tourist Attraction Operators

The Ticino Ticket offers hoteliers and tourist attraction operators the following opportunities:

  • To grow their business by increasing their overall number of guests/visitors
  • To improve CRM through the supply of anonymous, aggregate ticket usage data
Ticino Ticket


The Ticino Ticket project is a prime example of public-private partnership, which has enabled the project to be funded and get off the ground.

The total cost amounts to CHF 5.65 million, with funding broken down as follows:

  • 50% from an increase in tourist tax
  • 25% from sponsorships and partnerships
  • 13% via regional economic policy and other sources of revenue
  • 12% from stakeholders in the tourism industry (ATT and OTR)
Ticino Ticket


Use of the Ticino Ticket has exceeded all expectations:

> 540,000 tickets printed
> 180,000 entries to tourist attractions
> 1,000 articles in the media

Ticino Ticket

Satisfied Tourists

A survey was carried out in 2017 to assess the satisfaction of tourists who used the Ticino Ticket: The 1,531 questionnaires collected (289 in person and 1,242 online) revealed a high degree of satisfaction (8.7/10).

Ticino Ticket

Next Steps

  • Secure future funding of the project
  • Create new printed material
  • Optimise the platform
  • In the medium term, digitalise the project
The future

Securing Funding

Given the success of the project, funding has been secured up until the end of 2020.

The future

Ticino Ticket Infosheet

An infosheet has been produced featuring useful information on how to use the ticket. The Ticino Ticket can be easily detached from the infosheet for use.

The future

Leaflet Featuring the Tourist Attractions

A leaflet has been produced featuring the numerous tourist attractions throughout the Canton.

The future

Platform 2.0

The platform is constantly being improved and optimised in order to enhance the user experience.

The future


We plan to offer data collection via Android smartphone.

The future

The Ticino Ticket has received several awards. One of them is the "Milestone" competition (Swiss excellence in tourism).

For further information:
Agenzia Turistica Ticinese SA